Privacy Policy

The following Privacy Policy sets forth the privacy practices for our company in regard to this website. Our company is bound by the Privacy Act 1998 (Cwth) which sets forth a number of principles regarding the privacy of individuals, subject to any exemptions that apply to us under that Act.

Our Privacy Policy explains what information we collect, what we use it for, and under what circumstances it may be used by us or others, or be disclosed or transferred to third parties.

How is Private Information Collected?

When you access our website, a certain amount of information about this access is stored in our server logs. In addition, various cookies, web beacons, pixel tags and other similar scripts that run on our website may provide such information to us or our partners (e.g. to Google), thereby making such information available to both our partners and to us.

Cookies and Web Beacons

Your use of our website may involve cookies, web beacons, pixel tags, or other similar technologies. These may be actioned by our website or by partners of our website. Cookies are small pieces of information stored into your web browser. Web beacons and pixel tags are small pieces of scripting code that send information about your access to another website (e.g. to an analytics website). This may include both reading cookies from your browser and placing information into cookies in your browser.

Such information may be sent to third parties such as advertising partners, and analytics partners. For example, scripts on our website may cause such information to be used by or sent to advertising partners such as Google Adsense or Google DoubleClick to display advertisements, and to Google Analytics to collect analytics statistical information.

What Private Information Do We Collect?

When you access our website, we may collect some of these types of private information:

  • Your Internet Protocol (IP) address
  • Device information, such as operating system platform (e.g. Windows versus Macintosh), device type (e.g. mobile phone versus desktop PC versus tablet), browser type (e.g. Firefox versus Internet Explorer), browser version details, and similar information.
  • The date and time of your access.
  • The content and URL of the web page that you accessed, including the same for any subsequent sequence of multiple webpage accesses.
  • Geographic location information or settings related to language or locale.
  • The referral URL or search query keywords by which you discovered our website.

We may collect or have additional information if your access to our website also involves:

  • Registration as a website member, log-on information, or providing other user or password information to our website.
  • Using any social media feature of our website, sharing any content on social media, or other use of our website in conjunction with social media.
  • Registration to any email newsletters, email feature, or similar offers.
  • Emails sent to us by you, or if you post comments onto our website or its forums.
  • Survey response features or similar requests.
  • Undertaking a financial transaction with our advertisers after clicking on an advertisement shown on our website. (For example, for a referral commission we might see the product that was purchased and pricing, but not the customer’s name/address, and not any payment or credit card information.)
  • If you contact us in any way.

Our company and our partners process information on servers in many countries around the world, and as such, may store or process your personal information outside the country where you live.

Our Use of Private Information

We use the private information to:

  1. To provide relevant and useful advertisements and product offerings.
  2. To personalize the website content or experience, such as to show better versions to users on mobile phones and tablets.
  3. To personalize the experience, content, or advertising depending on what country or geographical location the user is coming from.
  4. To perform tasks requested by you, or as disclosed to you at the time of collecting your personal information, for example, to send you an email newsletter that you have requested.
  5. To analyse and improve the service that we can offer.
  6. In some cases, we may use the information to protect our website, our rights, or the rights of others.
  7. To perform additional tasks that you have explicitly requested, such as if you become a registered member, sign up for an email newsletter, post comments, or you make other similar interactions with our website.

We won’t:

  • Send spam email or other types of unsolicited emails.
  • Sell your personal information to third parties for the purposes of sending spam or unsolicited emails.

Please note that not all information constitutes personal information, in which case the requirements of the Act may not apply, and we reserve the right to use such information for any purpose and by any means whatsoever.

Third Party Use of Private Information

Our third-party partners may receive private information as described in this document (e.g. by cookies or web beacons). For example, advertising partners may use this information to provide advertising to you, and analytics partners may track information about access to our website. Advertising partners may use this information to show you better advertising. They may also use this information using methods such as “behavioural targeting” or “re-marketing” which may show you customized advertisements depending on your current or past access to this website or other websites. Information from your access to this website may be used by advertisers on your access to other websites in the future to show better advertisements, and vice versa.

These third party partners may provide this private information back to us, or use this information to provide aggregated or statistical information to us about our website or its advertising.

Third parties may also use this information for other purposes, and this document does not cover every use of your information by these third party partners. You should review the privacy practices of third party websites and advertisers.

Protecting Private Information

We use a variety of security measures to protect the private information that we collect. Our partners also use their own security measures. For security reasons, we do not routinely disclose the measures that we or our partners use.

Disclosure, Use, or Transfer of Private Information

Please note that many of our partners may already have private information due to the use of cookies, web beacons, pixel tags, and other scripts on our website that send information to our partners. In addition, we may use, disclose or transfer your private information to third parties:

  • To our employees or contractors, or those of our affiliated companies, as required for the business of running this website, such as optimizing, enhancing, protecting, or securing this website, under the terms of this Privacy Policy.
  • If we are required to disclose this information by rule of law, by law enforcement, or other matter of legal requirement.
  • If we need to enforce our site policies, or to protect our legal rights or safety, or that of our users, customers, or partners.
  • If we undertake a strategic transaction including merger, acquisition, sale of assets, transfer or sale of any website or product line (or proposed sale), or any similar corporate restructure.
  • If we have asked your consent for a particular purpose, and you have given your consent for such a particular purpose.

Third Party Links

Our website may contain links or ads showing or linking to products or other websites made by third parties. This Privacy Policy does not cover the policies of these third parties. You should consult the privacy policies of these third-party vendors or publishers.

Your Consent

Your use of our website constitutes consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy and its Terms of Use.

Limitations of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy only discusses our use of private information for online use of our website. Any other form of contact with our company is not addressed here.


We may update this policy in the future, such as to address new legal or technical requirements. Any changes to our privacy policy will be posted by updating this web page. Your continued use of this website constitutes consent to any updated Privacy Policy. Personal information that we hold will be governed by our most recently revised privacy policy.

Accessing Your Personal Information

You may request access to any personal information that we may have about you. For security reasons, all such access requests must be in writing, and we will ask you to verify your identity. We may also charge a fee to cover the costs of handling your request. We may reject requests that are inappropriate, repetitive, impractical, or technically difficult. We cannot provide information about your personal information stored by any of our partners or other third parties. Please contact us as described on our Contacts page.

Terms and Conditions

Your use of this website is also governed by our Terms and Conditions.

Last Modified: May 20th, 2016.

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