AAT deficiency

Symptoms of AAT deficiency

Symptoms of AAT deficiency include

Some people have no symptoms and do not develop complications.

Source: MedLinePlus (NIH)1 ...

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Complications of AAT deficiency

Some people who have severe AAT deficiency develop emphysema (em-fi-SE-ma)—often when they're only in their forties or fifties. Emphysema is a serious lung disease in which damage to the airways makes it hard to breathe ...2

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Causes of AAT deficiency

Alpha-1 antitrypsin, also called AAT, is a protein made in the liver. Normally, the protein travels through the bloodstream. It helps protect the body's organs from the harmful effects of other proteins. The lungs are one of the main ...3

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Causes List for AAT deficiency

Some possible causes of AAT deficiency or similar disorders may include:4

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Diagnosis of AAT deficiency

How Is Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency Diagnosed? Alpha-1 antitrypsin (AAT) deficiency usually is diagnosed after you develop a lung or liver disease that's related to the condition. Your doctor may suspect AAT deficiency if you have signs or symptoms ...5

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Genetics of AAT deficiency

AAT deficiency is an inherited condition. "Inherited" means it's passed from parents to children through genes. ...Source: NHLBI (NIH)6 ...

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Risk Factors for AAT deficiency

Smoking is the leading risk factor for life-threatening lung disease if you have AAT deficiency. Smoking or exposure to tobacco smoke increases the risk of earlier lung-related symptoms and lung damage. If you have severe AAT deficiency, smoking ...7

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Treatments: AAT deficiency

Treatments include medicines, pulmonary rehab, and extra oxygen, if needed. Severe cases may need a lung transplant. Not smoking can prevent or delay lung symptoms. ...Source: MedLinePlus (NIH)8 ...

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