Treatments for Alstrom syndrome


There is no specific treatment for Alstrom syndrome. Treatment is focused on managing the symptoms present in each individual. This may involve a team of specialists including but not limited to: pediatricians, cardiologists, audiologists (hearing specialists), ophthalmologists, endocrinologists, and orthopaedists.[2]

Treatment may include:[2, 4]

  • Specially-tinted, prescription glasses and vision aids to assist with vision loss
  • Hearing aids and cochlear implants for hearing loss
  • Dietary measures, exercise programs, and oral medications and/or insulin to control diabetes
  • ACE inhibitors and other medications to manage heart and kidney problems with some individuals requiring a kidney or heart transplant
  • Hormone therapy if the male testes or female ovaries produce lower than average levels

Alstrom Syndrome International offers a listing of recommended monitoring guidelines on their website. Click on the link for more information. Last updated: 6/22/2016

Source: GARD (NIH)1

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  1. Source: GARD (NIH): diseases/ 5787/ alstrom-syndrome

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