Treatments for Antisynthetase syndrome


Corticosteroids are typically the first-line of treatment and may be required for several months or years. These medications are often given orally; however, in severe cases, intravenous methylprednisolone may be prescribe initially. Immunosuppressive medications may also be recommended, especially in people with severe muscle weakness or symptomatic interstitial lung disease.[1, 3] According to recent studies, Rituximab is the medication option when patients with lung disease do not respond well to other treatments.[6] Physical therapy is often necessary to improve weakness, reduce further muscle wasting from disuse, and prevent muscle contractures.[1, 3] Last updated: 5/26/2016

Source: GARD (NIH)1

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  1. Source: GARD (NIH): diseases/ 735/ antisynthetase-syndrome

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