Common Cold: Related Symptoms

Symptoms related to Common Cold include:

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  • Cold: Cold is a somewhat ambiguous medical term. Cold or “cold symptoms” may refer in common usage to the “common cold” (the well-known viral infection of the respiratory system). Cold ...

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  • Cough: Cough is a well-known symptom with many causes. The most common cause of a cough is a respiratory infection such as common cold, flu, croup, etc. Another common culprit ...

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  • Runny Nose: A runny nose is a very common symptom with many causes. The related medical terms are rhinitis (nose inflammation) and rhinorrhea (nasal discharge). The most common causes are usually self ...

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  • Fever: A fever is a high body temperature and can be caused by hundreds of different conditions. The most common causes are a respiratory viral infection such as the common cold ...

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  • Sore throat: Sore throat or throat pain is caused by various infections and disorders. Example causes include cough (with a myriad possible causes), pharyngitis, laryngitis, strep throat, throat infections, throat ulcers, throat ...

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