Croup is an inflammation of the airways, usually caused by a viral infection. The hallmark symptom of croup is a “barking cough” but there are also other causes of barking cough (see Misdiagnosis of Croup). Croup is usually a mild and self-limiting infection, but in some cases it can ...

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Introduction: Croup

Croup is an inflammation of the vocal cords (larynx) and windpipe (trachea). It causes difficulty breathing, a barking cough, and a hoarse voice. The cause is usually a virus, often parainfluenza virus. Other causes include allergies and reflux. Croup often ...1

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Symptoms of Croup

If your child has croup, they’ll probably have the symptoms of a cold for a few days, then develop a seal-like barky cough, hoarseness and noisy breathing. ...Source: New Zealand Health2 ...

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Complications of Croup

Children with croup can become seriously ill. ...Source: New Zealand Health3 ...

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Specific Causes of Croup

Human parainfluenza viruses: HPIV types 1 to 4 can cause a full spectrum of respiratory illness, including the common cold, croup, and severe lower respiratory tract illness, such as bronchitis, bronchiolitis and pneumonia. ...Source: GOV.UK4 ...

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Causes List for Croup

Some possible causes of Croup or similar disorders may include:5

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Types of Croup

There are 2 types of croup: viral and spasmodic. Viral croup

  • This begins with a cold that develops into a barky cough.
  • The child’s airway will swell, making breathing noisy and more difficult.
  • Your child may have a temperature ...
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Misdiagnosis: Croup

The classic symptom of croup is known as a “barking cough”. However, a barking cough can be caused by a number of other respiratory infections as well. The differential diagnosis for Croup can include diseases such as:

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Treatments: Croup

Self care

  • If your child is upset, cuddle them in your lap and try to keep them calm (reading them a story might help). If they’re upset, it can make their breathing worse.
  • If they have a sore throat ...
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