Genetic Disorders

Genetic diseases are diseases that are caused by a DNA abnormality, usually in a single gene. All genetic diseases are present at birth, but not all will immediately cause symptoms; some may be diagnosed later in life. Genetic diseases are caused by an abnormal single gene, causing a specific defect ...

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Introduction: Genetic Disorders

Each cell contains thousands of genes that provide the instructions for making proteins for growth and repair of the body. If a gene has a mutation, the protein made by that gene may not function properly, which sometimes creates a ...1

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Causes of Genetic Disorders

As we unlock the secrets of the human genome (the complete set of human genes), we are learning that nearly all diseases have a genetic component. Some diseases are caused by mutations that are inherited from the parents and are ...2

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Causes List for Genetic Disorders

Some possible causes of Genetic Disorders or similar disorders may include:3

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Types of Genetic Disorders

Some of the well-known specific genetic diseases include:

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Types of Genetic Disorders

Congenital and Genetic Diseases

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Risk Factors for Genetic Disorders

Does Anything Increase the Chances of Having a Genetic Disease? Several factors increase the likelihood that a person will inherit an alteration in a gene. If you are concerned about your risk—or the risk to your children or future ...4

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Research for Genetic Disorders

The Genetics of Disease: Some diseases are caused by a genetic mutation, or permanent change in one or more specific genes. If a person inherits from a parent a genetic mutation that causes a certain disease, then he or she ...5

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