Poly-X Klinefelter syndrome

In very rare cases, males might have two or more extra X chromosomes in their cells, for instance XXXY or XXXXY, or an extra Y, such as XXYY. This is called poly-X Klinefelter syndrome, and it causes more severe ...1

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Symptoms of Poly-X Klinefelter syndrome

Symptoms of Poly-X KS [11] Males with poly-X Klinefelter syndrome have more than one extra X chromosome, so their symptoms might be more pronounced than in males with KS. In childhood, they may also have seizures, crossed eyes ...2

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Causes List for Poly-X Klinefelter syndrome

Some possible causes of Poly-X Klinefelter syndrome or similar disorders may include:3

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Types of Poly-X Klinefelter syndrome

  • 48,XXYY
  • 48,XXXY (or tetrasomy)
  • 49,XXXXY (or pentasomy)

Source: NICHD (NIH)4 ...

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