Bone Symptoms

There are many kinds of bone diseases. The most common one is osteoporosis (AH-stee-oh-por-OH-sis). With osteoporosis, our bones become weak and are more likely to break. People with osteoporosis most often break bones in the wrist, spine, and hip. Our bones are alive. Every day ...1

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Diagnosis of Bone Symptoms

Certain tests and procedures are used to detect (find) and diagnose health problems in the bone and joint. These and other tests and procedures may be used to detect or diagnose bone and joint late effects:

  • Physical exam and history ...
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Causes List for Bone Symptoms

Possible causes of Bone Symptoms (or similar symptoms) may include:2

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Types of bone symptoms include:

Specific Bones: Symptoms of the specific ...

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Clinical Features of Bone Symptoms

Possible signs and symptoms of bone and joint late effects include swelling over a bone or bone and joint pain. These and other signs and symptoms may be caused by bone and joint late effects or by other conditions:

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