Causes of Drooling

Drooling may be caused by a facial disorder altering the mouth and face so that saliva drools out the sides, by the production of excessive saliva, by a blockage preventing swallowed fluids from staying down, or may be due to the person having difficulty swallowing, or avoiding swallowing due to pain.

Normal Baby: Drooling is a feature in infancy and is completely normal. They simply have no adequate control of their saliva. However, an increase in salivation in a baby may indicate:

Face or Mouth Disorders: Disorders that alter the faceís muscles or nerves, or otherwise produce a mouth that is weakened or lower on one side, can cause drooling. This is the drooling of normal saliva, due to a physical problem, rather than there being excess saliva. The various causes include:

Excess Saliva: Disorders where there is over-production of saliva (excessive salivation, hypersalivation) include:

Regurgitation Disorders: Various disorders cause a person to be unable to properly swallow their fluids, usually including foods and drinks, not just saliva. Drooling may indicate regurgitation. Possible causes of this type of blockage may include:

Read more about: Regurgitation.

Mouth Disorders: Some disorders of the mouth may cause excess salivation, or a tendency to have more saliva in the mouth. Mouth disorders include:

Swallowing Difficulty: Disorders where the person may have difficulty swallowing, or painful swallowing, that may be serious enough to induce drooling include:

There are many other causes. Review all of the causes of swallowing difficulty and other causes such as sore throat. Read more about: Swallowing Difficulty

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Some causes may include:1 Causes of Drooling:

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