Causes of Tallness

Causes of abnormal tallness include:

  • Normal variation. Having tall parents or tallness in more distant relatives often means tall children. Better nourished generations are also leading to children taller than their parents.
  • Growth spurts. Abnormal tallness for age may simply be a growth spurt, or early puberty, which may be normal (although there are some causal disorders for precocious puberty as well).
  • Gigantism (abnormal tallness)

Genetic and Chromosome Disorders: Various genetic disease causes include:

Non-Genetic Causes: Other non-genetic or acquired disorder causes include:

Similar Disorders: See also related symptoms and disorders:

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Marfan Syndrome: People with bone growth disorders may have brittle bones or bones that are too long or too short. Some cause people to be unusually tall (Marfan syndrome).

Source: NIAMS (NIH)1

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Marfan syndrome: Typical characteristics of Marfan syndrome include:

  • being tall

Source: NHS Choices UK2

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Marfan syndrome: If your child is particularly slim or tall for their age, it doesn't necessarily mean they have Marfan syndrome. It's a rare syndrome, and your child will usually have a number of other symptoms if they have it.

Source: NHS Choices UK3

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Some causes may include:4 Causes of Tall Stature:

Causes List for Tallness

List of possible causes of Tallness or similar symptoms may include:5

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