Causes of Urinary urgency

Is there a strong “urge” to urinate? Causes depend significantly on whether the symptoms are really a type of “urgent urination” or whether it might be “frequent urination” (with or without a significant need or urge), “excessive urination” or “large urine volume” (frequent voiding of large amounts), or other bladder control symptoms such as “urinary incontinence”, “urinary hesitancy”, or “urine leakage”.

Causes of urinary urgency, including where there is little urine produced each time, include:

Nerve disorders that may result in urinary urgency include:

Urinary urgency may also occur in disorders that have “excessive urination”, especially if there is a “large urine volume” produced. Causes include:

There are many other causes of excessive urine production. Read more about: Causes of Large Urine Volume.

There are also many causes of “frequent urination”, which is not quite the same thing as “urgent urination”. Read more about: Urinary Frequency

Other causes of urinary urgency include:

See also causes of similar or related symptoms, such as:

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Some causes may include:1 Causes of Urinary Urgency:

Causes List for Urinary urgency

List of possible causes of Urinary urgency or similar symptoms may include:2

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