Vision Loss

Vision loss refers to a general decline in vision. Vision loss can be partial or full vision loss, and may be central vision loss or peripheral vision loss. Other related symptoms include blurred vision, diplopia, scotoma, and floaters. Causes of vision loss include various eye disorders such as eye injury ...

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Summary: Loss of visual acuity (implying that vision was better at a certain timepoint in life - otherwise the term reduced visual acuity should be used (or a subclass of that). ...1,2

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The causes of vision loss depend somewhat on the type of vision loss:

Eye Disorders: Causes of vision loss ...

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Causes of Vision Loss

Causes of eye problems Many medical problems can cause loss of sight.

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Diagnosis of Vision Loss

Many people at some time in their life will experience a problem with their eyesight. If you start to notice your vision changing or you have any concerns about your eyesight, consult your eye health professional. ...Source: New Zealand Health ...3

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Causes List for Vision Loss

Possible causes of Vision Loss (or similar symptoms) may include:4

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Similar Symptoms

Is it vision loss? Various types of visual symptom are not usually referred to as a “loss” of vision. Consider whether any of these visual symptoms may be a more precise description of your symptoms:

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