Weakness is a general symptom description that can refer to various ailments. Types of weakness include physical weakness (e.g. muscle weakness, nerve weakness), or mental weakness such as tiredness, fatigue, and so on. There are many possible causes of weakness ranging from the simple (e.g. inadequate sleep) to ...

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There are many possible causes of a symptom of a “weakness”. They range in severity from everyday harmless things to severe chronic diseases. One of the most important issues is to correctly categorize the type of weakness. Is it a ...

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Causes List for Weakness

Possible causes of Weakness (or similar symptoms) may include:1

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Similar Symptoms

Is it weakness? Perhaps there is a better description of the symptom. There are two basic categories:

  • Physical weakness
  • Mental weakness

Physical Weakness Symptoms: Physical weakness may refer to things such as:

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There are many types of weakness. The two basic categories are:

  • Physical weakness
  • Mental or emotional weakness

General Physical Weakness Symptoms: Physical weakness affecting the entire body includes:

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There are many different disorders that may be hiding under a vague symptom description of “weakness”. Some of the disorders on the differential diagnosis list which are often known to be hidden or misdiagnosed include:

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