Wheezing is a form of breathing difficulty that can be very serious. Any form of wheezing, shortness of breath, or stridor (noisy breathing) can be a medical emergency. Top of the list of causes for wheezing are a number of potentially fatal diseases such as: asthma attack, whooping cough, epiglottitis ...

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Wheezing: A raspy or whistling sound heard when someone takes a breath in or out. It may be a sign of airway constriction of obstruction. ...Source: RDCRN (NCATS/NIH)1 ...

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Wheezing is a hallmark symptom of asthma, and asthma tends to be the first thought. An asthma attack certainly needs to be considered, in patients with known asthma, and in patients with as yet undiagnosed asthma. Read more about: Asthma ...

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Causes of Wheezing

In older adults, COPD can sometimes be confused with asthma. If you have shortness of breath, wheezing, or other problems breathing, your doctor will be able to tell if you have COPD, asthma, or another condition. ...Source: NIA (NIH)2 ...

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Causes List for Wheezing

Possible causes of Wheezing (or similar symptoms) may include:3

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Similar Symptoms

Is it wheezing? Wheezing is a characteristic particular type of breathing symptom. There are a number of other similar symptoms:

And the general related symptoms include:

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